Friday 21 June 2024
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We believe that each and every child that wishes to access the club should be treated as an individual, and have the opportunity to access high quality coaching, which is stimulating, but at the same time challenging and progressive within all sessions that we provide

The club is fully insured through our National Governing Body British Gymnastics, and is affiliated to both the East Midlands Gymnastics Association and the Nottinghamshire County Gymnastics Association.

All members of our team hold British Gymnastics coaching awards, are insured through British Gymnastics, and have obtained a clear DBS check. A First Aider is also present at all sessions that we provide.

Our team is very proud of what we achieve as a club, and this is down to our gymnasts understanding our saying ‘the harder I work, the luckier I get’, and the self belief, hard work and determination our gymnasts put in to all their sessions.

We provide a host of sessions, from recreational, through to squad and club level, in which we have applied ,and implemented, pathways of development for talented individuals to reach their full potential, always putting the needs and desire of the gymnasts at the forefront of all decisions made.

We provide a competitive route for gymnasts who have the physical and mental capabilities to perform within this environment, and wish to compete for the club. We offer a range of opportunities throughout the year, which include East Midlands General Gymnastics Competitions, County Championships and club and regional NDP grading structure.

All gymnasts at the club will have the opportunity to perform in our annual club display.

We have a comprehensive range of equipment to meet the demands of all our members, which include Evo tracks and air tracks from Tracks 2000, competition standard beams from Continental Sports and Gymnova, as well as an asymmetric bar, and a host of training aids. Junior based equipment is also used for some of our younger gymnasts.

Our club ‘motto’, ‘believe in yourself’ underpins our values and belief in all our members and future members that we have at the club, and these values and belief in our members is clearly seen from our club spirit, club achievements in many competitions, and support shown by all members.